September in Pisticci….what can I say….

It has been an interesting day and my  safe routine life is not happening. Am not complaining …’s just that a routine is something that gives my life a bit of structure. Like a 9-5 job would. It can get a little whirly sometimes as if there is nothing to hang on to otherwise.

I used to get up and write for half an hour or more first thing every morning .That was good , but since I finished what I was writing and decided I didn’t  like it I have become a little intermittent. Also I have been writing on google docs on my phone while sitting outside which is very nice , but I get distracted. It is difficult to see the screen on the laptop in daylight.

“It has been August,” I told myself, but now it’s  September.

I like to have a short project of maybe 3 or 4 paintings each week and other bits and pieces to be done so that I can sort of pat myself on the back at the weekend  and look at my acheivements.

So today I did yoga ( tick) and then got distracted  after breakfast by all the political stuff on twitter.  Pulling myself together,  ( no need to say how long was on twitter🤔)I  decided to weed my plants followed by a little light dusting and a bit of polishing.  ( was expecting visitors)

It was lovely to see my visitors and as a bonus to sell 2 paintings. I sold my latest still life which I love. Was almost sad to see it go. But was happy that someone appreciated it as I do. 

That spurred me on …..after another little look at twitter….it is most certainly interesting times we are living in. ….. to set up my next still life. I’ve  found some more interesting objects to put together . It feels like they all tell a story. This will be the 5th one . I figure if Van Gogh can paint lots of sunflowers  then I can carry on with similar still lives for some time yet. I enjoy painting them from life. I like chosing to make something a little different if it makes a better painting and then finding lots of colours. This one has some interesting tricks in it. Will see if they work out. It’s a nice holiday from painting little white houses.

After lunch I thought I might do a rough sketch of the still life , but while I was looking for my latest audio book to accompany me I noticed a programme on youtube about Princess Anne being 70……and was distracted for about an hour. In my defence my mum told me I was named Anne with an e just like Princess Anne. So I was always curious about her. It was interesting .

After that I did actually use up my old paint to roughly position everything and so my next painting is started.

And now I have just been to collect a small parcel from a neighbour as the delivery person always leaves it with them. I only live round the corner ! Perhaps I am scary…..😀

Tomorrow my plan is to start filling up my store cupboard again. So more weightlifting at the supermarket.

But now it is wine time and despite twitter and Princess Anne it’s been a good day.

Next still life….
Smelled smoke and thought I saw some towards the coast.

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