September in Pisticci  ….satisfactory day

It’s  too windy and cold to sit outside tonight so am sitting on my nice yellow velvet armchair with my feet up on the old wooden chest and romantic jazz playing on youtube.  There is a glass of wine nearby also.

I had a lovely long conversation on the phone with my daughter earlier this afternoon. Its always a treat.

Before that..( going backwards today.)  I had just come back from the supermarket and met the postlady outside my door . She was there to deliver my new paintbrushes which have arrived much sooner than I anticipated.  I am looking forward to trying them out soon. They were in a very nice cardboard box along with a catalogue which  looks like something I ‘ll enjoy looking through.

It was lucky that I arrived when I did or I might have had to go to marconia on the bus to collect them. 

I didn’t  go shopping this morning because it looked like it might rain and I remembered that now it’s not so hot ,I can go out any time of day.

So I stayed in and worked on a Pisticci painting until I finished it about 1.30pm. It looks fine. I always think my paintings look a bit  childlike , but am beginning to resign myself  to the fact  that it just must be my style.. It doesn’t matter that my drawing is relatively accurate or that the colours are how they should be or the composition is pleasing , it still looks like an illustration for a ” Noddy ” book. I reckon part of it is down to how I see Pisticci which is almost as if it is unreal, like a place in a story. And the other part is that in my head I often feel about 12 years old. ( I prefer that  theory to I just can’t  do any better.)

However I hope to paint for a few years yet and today I heard David Hockney say that “we see psychologically ” in which case I make perfect sense. 🤔

And who knows what I might do next.

I like finishing things. So I was glad to complete this latest painting.

Now I am nearly finished writing this. I enjoy having someone to tell about my day. And with any luck I will find one more episode of Vera to entertain me next. And maybe a bit of Gino , Gordon and Fred’s hilarious culinary travels to follow. Nice.😀

Up in terrevechia. A very cute friendly little dog lives in one of these houses.
The lovely box my paintbrushes arrived in.


  1. Hi,
    I never leave any comments but I decided I should leave you a note. I wanted to let you know that I read your daily blog and really enjoy it. I am in Minnesota, USA and living a very quarantined life alone. It’s nice to know that there are others in my predicament. Thanks for sharing your daily life, it helps me feel that I am hearing from a friend each day.
    Stay well,
    Laura B.

  2. Having been busy ish I’m having a bellabasilicata read fest and catching up on your blogs. It’s currently 3rd Oct so I’m a bit behind but I want to say don’t knock your work Anne, I see it developing and improving all the time. You have a lovely style and I think you really capture the strong Italian light, every time.

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