September in Pisticci….. hoovering my books…

I don’t read books very often now. I have a kindle and after initially thinking that I wouldn’t like it …. I love it. I bought it secondhand about 10 years ago because it was too expensive to get books from the UK and I had realised that there was no way I would be reading Italian books.

I loved books. I had ceiling high bookcases in my family house. The living room was like a library. I liked to think it looked like a set from a Miss Marple mystery. (. But without any bodies.)

When I moved to Italy I brought as many books as possible. Which was not so very many. But some I didn’t want to part with. I had all the Miss Read books which I reread every year for about 15 years and was so excited every time a new one was published.

I had some psychology and counselling books, some sentimental ones from childhood and quite a few crime thrillers.

When I moved into my studio I brought all my books. Now I had quite a lot of books on art as well.

Then I got mice in the house. That really bothered me and my studio has never been so clean before or since but I threw out almost all my books as I thought the mice had been eating them.

However I kept my favourites and they are upstairs in my attic bedroom. And today I thought I should clean it before I moved back there for the winter. So as well as hoovering the beams, the ceiling, the bed covers and the floor…..I took all the books out and hoovered them too. It’s looking very pretty and smells of honey. I bought some kind of spray cleaner which might be beeswax. It’s a bit strong….which is partly why I am sitting outside.

I thought that I would start to get my self into an autumn routine today and got writing before breakfast. It felt good.

Thanks to a friend with a car I have 2 full gas ” bombolas” which hopefully will now last me till spring . Next thing is to build up my store of pellets for my stove. Might need to speak to same kind friend if I can’t organise a delivery.

Has been quite a ” housey” day. No painting at all. Also repaired my little rucksack.

Someone nearby is leading a beautiful black horse back and forwards along the street. I don’t know if it lives nearby, but I have seen it before.

Now for wine time I think. The supermarket had run out of cheap fish fingers so may have to get creative with potatoes tonight. I have got a lot of sage and mint in my garden which I could use.

Feeling nicely relaxed……

My nice clean attic bedroom with freshly hoovered books.
Sitting outside tonight….to get away from the strong smell of honey….

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