September in Pisticci…..the bodyless man…..

It was a bad dream again…and this time there was a a bodyless man….he could grow a body if he needed it, but mostly he was just a head. He had me trapped in a room and I couldn’t get out. It was quite scary and living on my own there is no one to give me a hug and say it’s only a dream . I couldn’t close my eyes as I was immediately back in that room. And I was very sleepy.

Luckily I got a message on my phone and decided to reply to it so that distracted me. After that I found a sherlock holmes audio book and finally fell asleep again.

However I have been tired a lot today and only seem to have woken up properly in the last half hour.

I wish there was a book that told you when you are this age it is normal to have” this” amount of energy in a day. And if you don’t then you take a certain pill or eat a banana and that will sort you out.

Anyways I did start at 7am and wrote for about 40 minutes . Then after breakfast instead of going for a walk I thought the tree at the end of the street was so pretty that I would like to draw it. I spent about an hour doing that.

And thereafter I have mooched about, read stuff on twitter and found a lovely video of a letter David Hockney wrote which was apoarently on TV .

That cheered me up so much that I made another canvas. 70×70 on which I plan to paint fruit.

Inbetween I read and replied to a friend online.

And now after watering the flowers I am inside probably for the evening . There is a chilly wind outside.

I think I remember in other years feeling a bit like this when the weather changed. Or maybe it is just the thought of facing another 6 months in limbo in Pisticci……..

I am looking forward to painting the fruit tomorrow. It is so very wonderfully colourful and I can use my new brushes maybe……

And with any luck the bodyless man will have somebody else to bother in the night.

Warm and colourful inside.
Tree at end of my street this morning.
Home made canvas on stretchers and my plate of fruit to paint. ( I ate it….so need photo)

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