October in Pisticci…..bit off colour….

But only physically. Most likely it is the weather plus too much thinking and adjusting to another season with no trips, no exhibitions and no events to look forward to. However am gradually developing a plan.

And the first part of that plan is to take some melatonin pills for a couple of weeks till I get back to sleeping better again. Am considering moving back to my attic bedroom again . ( now that it is dust free and tidy. )

I am planning to reach 20 thousand words of a sort of diary I have been writing this year by tomorrow. And I think I am back into a writing routine.

Despite not feeling 100% I went out with my kindle intending to sit up by the church and draw something from there , but in typical Italian fashion ( unexpected) there was a van parked on the road up to the church completely blocking the road. It sounded like there might be building work going on.

I walked on up the brick road until I found somewhere to sit with a view . ( must remember to take something to sit on in future.) It was fun drawing, but it got too hot quite soon. So it was a bit rushed.

Next I thought I had just about enough energy to draw my fruit painting

Then somehow later on I underpainted it. It helped that I wanted to hear the end of the audiobook I’ve been listening to.

And even later I thought that maybe I would just paint the background for fun…….

In between this I watched some more youtube art stuff and went out to see what was happening with the horse in the next street. I think maybe the man is breaking it in to be ridden. Today it had a saddle on, but he was just leading it back and forwards along the road with a long lead.

And now it’s wine time. Yawn……..

Work in progress
Would like to have had more time with this…

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  1. I think I’ve said this before but, it’s easy to see how all the Hockney videos you watch are have in a great effect on your work both digital and canvas. It’s not that you copy it’s just lovely the way, I think it has changed the way you work, a loose colourful style that’s very appealing to me. Thanks.

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