October in Pisticci…..a day more colourful…..

Was so excited when I finished my plate of fruit painting that I danced round my room. I didn’t know if it would work putting all the patterns and colours together , but it did and I love it. I even mostly enjoyed painting it. I think that it shows. I had not meant to make it so big, but the thrill of making my own stretched canvas as big as possible was irresistible.

It is such a treat to paint something just because I want to.

My other piece of art today was a little more complicated as it was a bit chilly when I went out with my kindle so I looked for a warm place to sit . I found a bench where I could look down on Dirupo and decided I would try and draw my house which I could see in the distance.

Unfortunately it got much hotter and then the sun shone on my screen so I couldn’t see so well and the scene was a little complicated. I decided it would be better to go home and finish it there. So I did. The colours were different in the photo, but it turned out ok. I am learning something new every day doing these drawings.

I didn’t push myself today because I have been awake since about 4am.

I like Fridays. Now that I am making the weekends different it makes friday mean something.

So now It’s wine time. Planning a restful weekend so I can catch up with the change in the weather. Cheers! 🍷🍷

Very pleased with this.
Partly drawn at home. My house is at bottom of the tall building in the middle
This was roughly the view.


  1. Wow! That is one fabulous fruit painting, everything just zings. You should certainly dance around this one even I could (apart from the fact I’m reading in bed, late up today🥴) love this one, it’s terrific.

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