October in Pisticci……I blame the wind in my street…..

I was going to start this by writing….”.well at least I did some dusting”. It has been a day of not exactly doing anything much.

I decided I  would go out for a walk and maybe buy some more wood for stretchers. My underlying plan was to go out and see if everyone is wearing masks …as per the new rules. Since yesterday in Basilicata it has been mandatory  to wear masks outside as well as in shops. 

I set off in the opposite  direction from the town with my kindle in my bag …..but I was too tired or couldn’t  be bothered to draw anything. It was the weekend . I made myself slink round  the side of piazza san rocco to see if people were wearing masks. The shop owners and me were  but no one else was. Wondered if I had read the rule wrong.

It’s good how I am very brave and adventurous  until I actually leave the house. A properly brave person would have marched up into town to see if people were wearing masks there. I decided I would wait till Monday or maybe Tuesday and headed home.

I then spent a pleasant hour on the phone to my sister. Proper Saturday occupation and next best thing to meeting up.

By then it was lunch time.

After a bit of reading and considering what to do next I fell asleep…..On waking I thought maybe I would go shopping ( no fish fingers left!) And while not meeting anyone as everyone would be home eating lunch I would at the same time check out if anyone was wearing masks. ( sort of a schrodingers decision. )

That was relatively successful . Hardly anyone about and those that were , were not wearing masks.

Got 4 packets of fish fingers…..that could hardly be called stockpiling. More like making sure I don’t ever have to eat the expensive ones (which I don’t like) again. I got another 2 litres of wine as well….. just incase.

I strode up the hill feeling relatively strong and fit which was nice….as have not been feeling quite right this week.

I think the water is off. That is I have seen notices from the Sindaco saying when and where the water truck will be today. I can’t find a notice saying what the problem is or for how long. I still have some water but very low pressure so I filled 4 bottles of water and put them in the fridge. I always keep a big container of water for emergencies, but not for drinking.

And now after a confusing conversation with someone online . Don’t ask! It’s wine time.

I might treat myself to an episode of “Life in Squares “which I bought at the start of lockdown for emergency cheering up viewing and didn’t need.

The wind has finally dropped and it looks like its going to be a foggy evening. Am not quite ready to light the stove yet but I might shut the door and find a jumper.

Looking forward to a quiet night in….🍷🍷

Mist heading this way.
A rubbishy photo….but it does say what I thought about masks….

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