October in Pisticci……bah humbug…technology!!

I love what technology can do …I just don’t like when I have been lulled into a false sense of security and then it doesn’t work.

Last night, after 2 glasses of wine, I sat on my doorstep to see if I could paint the tree at the end of my street in the dark. I thought I was being quite ambitious even having a go. ( that is where the confidence boosting glasses of wine come in. ….not too much, not too little……aids confidence and still keep a steady hand. One of the best portraits I ever did over 20 years ago, in pencil , was similarly helped. )

There is a streetlight near my door so there was some light. I set to.work and in my opinion I created something good. I was happy and surprised. I kept looking at it and thinking….I did that! I think it is the ” confidence” that impressed me.

So I saved it and emailed if to my phone. Nothing happened. I tried about 6 times, then went to bed. This has happened before.

This morning I tried again. I did this . I did that. I got myself another email address and tried that. I googled ” problems with kindles and emails. Nothing worked.

Deep down of course I think it was because I was proud and therefore was being punished. But up top I was just darned annoyed. !!!

So I went on Italian ebay and bought a secondhand samsung 10 inch tablet. I thought and thought about it and finally closed my eyes and pressed ” BUY IT NOW”. It should arrive this week. I am now motivated to have a sale of paintings and prints in November.

That took all morning. And , no , I have not received a whole pile of emails from my kindle , to scold me for being impatient…..as well as proud.

I am quite excited. Now I must make use of my new tablet to justify buying it …..and I need to concentrate on painting and making things for my ” sale ” in November. So I have a plan. If there hadn’t been the virus then I might have had an exhibition in my little house but an online sale is a safer idea.

After all that I tried a little drawing on my phone…..it was nothing special, but I can use it as back up.

It felt like I had done nothing all day today , but having written all this, it would seem that is not the case.

I am now dreaming up some ideas for what might be sellable and possibly postable. Have just remembered that I have a lot of carboard tubes…. must try rolling canvases in them . Watercolours are easy to post flat. ( must not throw out carboard as can cut up for packing. ).

I took a photo of my night painting of a tree. It’s as close to the original image as I could get it.

Well…. wonder what this week will bring. Could be fined more than €400 if not wearing a mask outside. That thought should overcome any embarrassment if anyone is not wearing one and looks at me as if I am overdoing things.

Some tourists came by today and took photos of my house. If there was no virus, and I had made more prints I could have opened the door and invited them in.

Wine now and enjoying sitting outside tonight, with jazz playing quietly inside.

Photo of my dark tree.
Small sketch on phone.

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