October in Pisticci …..what will I do next then……..

Now that I have a plan …..all I need is to work out some of the finer details. ..such as what subjects will I paint on the canvases which can be posted in tubes ?  Should I get some of my kindle images printed? Would it be sensible to get more prints of my recent paintings?

And as I only have about 6 weeks before my self imposed, but sensible deadline shouldn’t  I have started work by now?

I am blaming the melatonin pill I took last night when I couldn’t  sleep. I have been a little dozy all day or alternatively nicely chilled.

I did get up at 6am , write some stuff, varnish the saint, some extra bits I painted in the shower room and the fruit painting.  Then went out to meet a friend for coffee.

In the main street everybody was wearing masks. It occurred to me that we were all looking out for each other and that was a nice warm feeling. That is the good thing about wearing a mask. You might be saving someone’s life. After all you could be asymptomatic . I remember when we were locked down earlier this year thinking that I was being given the opportunity  to help save people’s  lives by staying home . It was a good feeling. Like today.

However I haven’t  come up with any themes to work on so far . Most likely I will be doing something ordinary or watching an art video and have a sort of “eureka ” moment where I think , ” I could do that.” I know from experience stressing about it doesn’t  help.

After “not stressing ” by lying about reading a book I thought I’d  go paint my doorstep on my kindle. It feels like it’s  been a remembering James day. It would have been his birthday. Yesterday I  made a digital portrait of him . I always think of him when I sit on my doorstep  and I put my wineglass on ” stone james”.

So I sat in the street and painted it.   It looks quite a nice little work , but my kindle is being passive aggressive again and refusing to send it. 😔

Now I have drank the wine from the wineglass I used in the image. I  always like to paint wine glasses from life. I have been putting  them in quite a few of my recent paintings……

Better stop wittering  on. Email  has still not arrived and I have new nice wine from Anna Maria’s supermarket.

Happy birthday James wherever you are. X
View from the doorstep ….only it was too windy to sit out tonight.

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