October in Pisticci….rain and a small mystery….

After a beautiful sunrise it all went downhill…grey , then more grey and eventually rain.” Dreich” is the scottish word for today. And as the electricity was off for 2 hours this afternoon it was also dark.

However I did paint a cheerful vase of roses which brightened things up. And my kindle obliged and emailed it .

This morning , still without inspiration, I thought that I must do something. So I got out all my winter clothes which involved climbing up and down my handy ladder. I think of it as one of these posh library stair thingies , but ” rustic”. It has been well used. I think it is supposed to be for climbing up olive trees , but I bought it because it was wooden and chunky and a nice shape. It is narrower at the top. That day at the market I bought a ladder and James bought 6 shirts.

It is very , very nice now that my roof doesn’t leak so I can put my clothes away anywhere I like. They can be in baskets ( with lids) but don’t need to be covered with sheets of plastic . What luxury!!! 😁

I put most of my summer clothes away in the empty baskets. It was a little sad. I didn’t wear most of my summer clothes as I was mostly at home.

Still no inspiration.

Decided to cut out bits of canvas which would fit in tubes for posting. After calculating what size would fit I found a suitable stretched canvas and drew round it. My measuring is erratic at best so that seemed like a good idea. I cut out 3 pieces and rolled them up and stuck masking tape on them to hold them in place.

That was when I found the mystery hole. I bought a big roll of canvas a few years ago and have been slowly working my way through it. As I unrolled it today I found a little square hole in the middle of it. I know I do some pretty silly things, but I can’t imagine how that hole got there. I have taken a photo. It is very strange.

After lunch the electric went off….which I was prepared for as the notice announcing it had blown down my street. It came back on after 2 hours rather than 3 which was a nice surprise.

I was wondering if maybe I should paint some of my kindle images. Am not sure if that would be a good idea.

Somebody in the next town has died from the virus. That is the second person.

I don’t like rainy days . I think I need the sunshine. Luckily it should be back tomorrow 😁

And now its wine time. I like this routine where I play jazz , put the nice light on and curl up in my yellow velvet armchair. Soon I will need to light the stove as well. ( cleaned it today) and with a glass of wine on hand tell friends and strangers how my day went.

Image to cheer up a rainy day.
The mystery hole 🤔🤔🤔
Three canvases cut to fit tubes. Just need inspiration now…….


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