October in Pisticci….chilling on my doorstep…

I thought some fresh air would be good for me so I watered the flowers and then scared off a big cricket. Now am sitting on the doorstep preventing it from coming inside. It had jumped away down the street but now I can’t see it any more.

It’s quiet out here. A couple of cats have run past and I can hear a car down by the cute little house. The angle at the bottom of the hill is so sharp that people often go along and turn there.

I’ve done a lot of reading today. I’ve a new series of books on my kindle. I think they are called ” The Oxford Teashop Mysteries ” or something like that. I have kindle unlimited so I pay a monthly amount. ( as much as I paid for netflix when I had it) and only choose books I don’t have to pay for. It would be a treat to look at others , but I entertain myself well enough with murder mysteries of various standards.

I am quite enjoying this one today…it’s got everything from thatched tea room; scones, nosey old ladies, slightly unreal heroine, nice artist friend, handsome detective plus annoying one, creepy university professor, glamorous american sex symbol and much more….oh yes… a cute cat called Muesli.

This is my second day off…..am assuming I will be back to normal by the weekend.

The sky is blue and there is hardly any wind so it’s nice sitting here. Wine time is not for another hour .

View from doorstep
The cricket
I thought this might be quite nice to draw ….

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