October in Pisticci….back to life…..

What a beautiful day! It started with a pretty sunrise which I stood outside and watched with a coffee. ( my new zen time maybe?)

Since I decided that I didn’t have to be ” set in my ways ” just yet I didn’t do everything in order today……and I enjoyed it.

Feeling a bit better helped. It was very pleasant having a more relaxed start to the day.

I decided in the spirit of ” routine shaking up” to listen to radio laser, Pisticci local radio, instead of radio 2. I quite enjoyed it and understood more than I thought I would. It also gave me a very smug ….being a good person…feeling.

By 9am I decided that I had better go up town and get some cardio aspirin. What a nice day for a walk. My mask if tucked under my glasses lets me see without getting steamed up. That makes a big difference.

Funny how the new “rude” is now not taking off sunglasses when talking to someone.

I stopped to video the view half way up the hill. The sea was shining and the hills were clearly defined. It’s probably the clearest light of the year.

It still feels friendlier with masks and people seem to understand me ok. Maybe because I make more effort to project my voice.

On the way back I stopped to confirm that I will be helping to paint a mural of something , somewhere, sometime. I am really happy to be asked to join in with other artists.

Back home I thought maybe I would write the sort of diary of this year that I’ve been working on. That was fun. Usually I get up early to do that because I think that if I don’t do it first thing then it won’t get done. But I enjoyed it and there was no rush. I vaguely imagine it becoming a beautiful coffee table book illustrated with paintings and photos I have taken. It’s a nice dream.

It was quite warm outside and I accidentally snapped off the only rosehip on the rose bush near my door. I felt quite apologetic to the rose. I decided that would be today’s project drawing on my phone. I used my big magnifying glass and was quite pleased with the result.

Some time inbetween I also watched David Hockney being interviewed about Van Gogh. It made me feel very happy.

Since then I’ve worked on the 3d child portrait of the series I am doing. I am doing it in little bits ….but learning more every time. I am looking forward to getting back to something more simple where a line being a few millimetres off is not a problem when I get it finished. But I think my idea is good so I plan to finish it.

And now it’s wine time again …… Been a good day. 😀😀🍷

The rosehip immortalised
The actual.size
Zen and coffee with this view.

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