October in Pisticci….dull day…….

The weather didn’t really cheer up much all day. It’s cold and damp. Luckily tomorrow it should be back to sunny and bright. I have no stamina for yukky days. I suppose it could be got back…..but hopefully no need for it. I can save my stamina for carrying on regardless.

This morning I finished a small painting based on the tablet drawing I did of a view from near the castle. I also had the photo I took as reference . The photo looks a bit dull. I am pleased with the result and plan to do several more.

My neighbour dropped by with a fridge which she needed to test so I found an extension cable to plug in . It worked .

After lunch I thought I should go food shopping as I wasn’t feeling very inspired

. There were more than 140 cases of the virus in the region today. That is close to double yesterday. It was on my mind. I bought extra disinfectant …..though not sure why. My best plan is to stay home. Go shopping once a week and to the farmacia if neccessary. Am glad I paid bills on Saturday.

Back home and I spent an interesting hour on twitter giving myself time to read several articles instead of just skimming through.

Then I added some more colour to the last tablet scene I did. It is finished now.

And just to end the day I drew a bag of coins on my phone. It was an experiment to see if I could. Not sure if I did.

Feeling a bit sad tonight . No doubt I am not alone. I am in contact with people from all over the world and everywhere it’s difficult.( though to be fair I don’t know anyone from New Zealand. 😀)

But the stove is burning and I might light my candle. Then have another glass of wine and phone a friend.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Slightly adjusted…
Print and painting.
Bag of money

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