October in Pisticci…..the virus arrives in town…or does it?

It would seem that someone from Pisticci has the virus. Except they live in Matera. But now they are back in Pisticci at home. I am not sure if maybe my understanding of Italian or facebook translation is accurate. No doubt everyone in town knows all about it and all the details.

This morning I went to the street market…incase it was the last chance I had as the situation worsens and maybe markets will be cancelled by next month. It was nice to stroll around and look at things. Now that the market is split in 2 and half of it is in a car park instead of squeezed into a narrow street it seems quite safe. Everyone is wearing masks.

After that it was coffee with a friend and a trip to Anna Maria s supermarket to buy nice local wine. My previous wine shop has been closed most of this year. I bought 3 , 2 litre containers of slightly sweet primitivo. I won’t drink more just because I have it available, but I never know when I will next be able to get some.

I had planned to paint a version of one of my kindle images and I did begin , but I was a bit sleepy….possibly due to my disturbed night’s sleep. Where I dreamed that after rescuing a woman from being plastered into a wall by a murderer I then showed the cast of Coronation Street round Pisticci and one of them bought my little house. I have to say that I am very proud of my unconscious. Who would ever have combined these 2 scenarios.

And now it’s dark and a bit gloomy outside. I haven’t lit the stove as I’m not cold and the longer the pellets last the better it will be.

I think I might be moving back into this side of the house to paint. I don’t heat the other side at all .

It seems neccessary and important right now to focus on what I have and can do as life outside shrinks again.

So I have ( at least for now) wine and the internet. A little garden and 39 bags of pellets for my stove. And the possibility of lots of days with blue skies. And lots of potential paintings yet to do. . ….

Cheers 🍷🍷

Anna Maria ‘s supermarket
My little house for sale looking pretty. ( brown door at top of steps.)
Second half of the market…..

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