October in Pisticci…..a 3 painting day……

They were quite small canvases . And quite simple paintings. All done from life. I like the vase with the flowers best. Before I got up this morning I found a video on youtube by some artist guy who said he didn’t like the way he painted as it was too tight. Someone advised him not to draw but just to begin with some colour and work out from there. That’s how I did the flowers in the vase….more or less. It was fun. Then the last of my set of 6 canvases ( gift from friends.) were quite small so I decided a black background with one object would be best. I am quite surprised that I managed to get them all done.

It’s a good feeling finishing a series on a Friday. I can have the weekend off or at least paint something for fun.

I have no plans other than painting or staying home for at least the next week. There are 2 more cases of the virus in Marconia….so it is getting closer.

I have a vague idea for 2 new murals in my house. I think another window would be nice. And the stairs up to my attic are very narrow. It would be funny to make them look wider………..

I have brought Ted down from upstairs so I have ” company”. I rescued Ted from a charity shop in Perth about 20 years ago. He just looked so sad and lonely that I felt I had to bring him home with me. He is actually a pyjama case . He has been a great comfort over the years.

I was only out briefly to go shopping today. My plan is not to go shopping again until I run out of eggs or fish fingers. ( about 10 days from now.)

I need to summon up some enthusiasm to sell some work. I haven’t had a commission for a while now. I don’t really want strangers in my house so am not sure if my idea of a sale would work either.

But at least I have 6 new small paintings.

And as it is Friday night I may as well postpone worrying about everything until monday. Sorted !

Am on the good wine tonight. 🍷🍷

My favourite painting done today.
This week’s work.
Ted looking very comfortable in his armchair.

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