October in Pisticci….nearly perfect Saturday

I just couldn’t write ” perfect saturday” because although for me it has been lovely, there are 117 new cases of the virus in Basilicata and someone I know’s dad has just died due to the virus.

So like a pearl in a puddle. Today was that pearl.

It was so nice this morning that I could sit on the doorstep and have breakfast and coffee there. In fact I eventually had to go inside as I was getting a bit too hot.

I hung out the washing , planted some plants which mysteriously arrived from above. ( courtesy of some naughty children……or maybe not! ) , sat outside and read, then hoovered the house and even dusted it so that it smells like honey. Chatted to a friend on the phone and messaged other friends.

All this time the sky was blue and the sun shone.

Later on it was still so warm outside that I decided to go for a walk and draw. This time I found a nice wall to sit on near a lonely dog. I didn’t have too long to draw as it was too hot. I stuck it as long as I could . It was necessary to move two or three times to let cars past as it really is a narrow brick road.

I must get the hang of drawing outside and dealing with the weather and passing cars….. but in the meantime it’s all practice. And I finally understand what David Hockney has been saying about space and photographs.

However I still took a gorgeous photo of the view on the way back down the hill with the sea in the background.

And now it’s dark outside. The door is shut after being open all day. The stove is lit. I have a glass of wine .

Today was truly a pearl among days. Who knows if there will be many more this winter.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Not really finished , but fun to do.
View on way back.
Outside reading…..

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