Now it’s November in Pisticci…..259 new positive cases over the weekend…

I don’t know if this is very bad or not…certainly not good for 259 people, but out of a population of about 500000 there were around 3000 tests done . There are about a hundred cases in one little town. So far only a handful in the Pisticci area. Tomorrow my plan is to go get cash out of the bank , see if I can fill out the form that says I don’t have a TV and buy more paracetamols. May stock up on wine and chocolate on the way home……..

That is assuming I am still allowed out. I haven’t heard if there are more restrictions in place yet.

My new temporary hair dye “stuff” arrived today. It’s called rose red and I am wondering if I may regret chosing that particular colour. Maybe it will give me a new and exciting look….or not!

This morning I wrote for nearly an hour and enjoyed it.

I then made myself go out for a walk/draw. But it was more of a stroll with several stops and no drawing at all.

However I finished the last tablet painting at home using a photo. The shadows were different this morning. That was today’s excuse for not sitting on the wall by the lonely dog and doing it there. It was very much more comfortable and relaxing sitting at a table.

I don’t seem to have done much else today. I have a lot on my mind and it’s very unsettling.

Am glad it’s wine time…..

Final version of the pink brick road
I got as far as here today.

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