It’s November in Pisticci…..the very exciting day….

I’ve been awake since 4am looking at what is happening with the American election like millions of other people. I have never been that interested before , but this time I wanted to see if my idea of good would prevail. It has been incredible. I can’t believe so many people voted for Trump. Even if Joe Biden wins then it seems like about half of America would still have preferred to be governed by …..there are no polite words.

There is still no winner when I am writing , but it does look like Joe Biden may just make it. The very, very best of luck to him if he does. He is going to need it.

If it didn’t matter so much then these last few years since Brexit and Trump becoming president would make a brilliant film as one controversy followed another scandal followed by law breaking, court cases, UK election and hundreds of lies. And then mix in a global pandemic. I am looking for the happy ending where the good guy wins in the end. There are so many stand out characters. I wonder if anyone is writing the screenplay right now.

However I couldn’t spend all day on twitter and checking google updates.

So I did go for a walk up the pink brick road and thought about what I could paint , but couldn’t summon up enough enthusiasm to even begin. It was a lovely morning though.

Then another exciting thing happened. I found out thanks to a good friend the document I need to make myself even more legal here. Tomorrow I will go and see what I can do.

After all that excitement I thought that I had better draw something to calm down. So I sat out in tbe street and drew the view very roughly. I now seem to have a system whereby I draw quickly where everything is . Then I use a thick brush thingy and fill in the shapes with approximately the right shades and colours. That is as far as I got today but I can finish it tomorrow.

There were around 250 new cases of the virus today in Basilicata. But we are in a green zone so that is the lowest amount of restrictions. Sandwiched between a red and orange zone!

Now I have the stove on and am looking forward to some wine and a bit of crime on youtube. I hope I can sleep tonight. Interesting times.

Documents printed. Cosy night in I hope.
This morning…..looking down on Dirupo

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