Now it’s November in Pisticci…..when will it be over…..

I have a list. Starting with the American election, ( am now only checking for updates hourly. 😀

Then the brexit *********. Went to the commune today again with better documents and knowing more about what I was doing……and it was closed. For how long I don’t know. It is being disinfected I think after someone who works there got the virus.

Then selling my house. As some areas are not allowing any travel outside their borders that would be a problem.

Then the virus . Although there are 90 cases less today than yesterday it looks like there is talk of closing schools.

I think that’s them all . Most of the other things are results of these 4. Like, when will I stop feeling tired and get enthusiastic and energetic again.

I did a little work on yesterday’s tablet drawing from a photo as it was a bit dull this afternoon. But the photo was so dark compared to the real scene yesterday that it was a little dispiriting.

I did work out that writing and painting are the main things keeping me together in this madly twirling and twisting world.

Oh and wine ….and chocolate..😀🍷

Dark now….but my painted wisteria looks ok even now.
Think I will spend more time on this when there is the same light again.

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