Now it’s November in Pisticci…….the overwhelming week….

I think it is overwhelming. Maybe it wouldn’t be to anyone else , but then I had lockdown on my own for I think about 2 months and my life has been quite quiet really since then.

Like meeting someone in the street and talking to them is a highlight. August was mildly exciting with an exhibition . That was a long time ago.

I am lucky that I can be happy and excited about lots of little things. Its a useful skill.

But this week……..

It looks like Joe Biden will be the next president of the USA and that nice Kamala Harris will be the vice president. I am tearful writing this . But after years of what seemed like the bad guys winning….finally the good guys are back in charge. And even more importantly an awful lot of Americans want the good guys back. I know nothing is ever that simple, and there will be lots of problems , but there is hope .

Hope was what I was looking for after all the years since brexit when I wondered if every summer would be my last here and frantically thought of ways I could make more money so that Italy might let me stay. As it happens I didn’t need to; but no one knew and I wasn’t the only person to imagine leaving their home and returning to a very uncertain future.

Now I have the form I need all filled in and ready to take to the commune when it opens again after being disinfected.( assuming it does open) It should be okay . One way or another I will get it stamped or signed and then it’ll be okay.

It won’t make everything perfect , but its a start. John Bowlby, a psychologist, says that you need a secure base to be able to function. Although that also means psychologically . To feel that you might lose your home and lifestyle for the 3 years probably didn’t help my creativity.

And it looks like my house is going to be sold. After all this time. It won’t make me rich, but I can buy another scooter, I can go to the dentist, I can get new glasses and so many other little things which will make life more comfortable.

And I will still have difficulties and unexpected bills and not speak very good Italian , but I will have more choices.

And the virus has grown at an alarming rate this week. 249 new cases yesterday. And now the sindaco has it. The schools are to be closed. But we are doing better than other regions apparently.

All of this in one week.

I have hardly done any painting . It has been like living in limbo.

It is brilliant really…..apart from the virus.

I did play around with the app I have for painting on my tablet after watching a youtube video on digital painting. It was fun …..but the rest of today has been ” just checking my phone” for the election results.

Now it’s wine time. I am thinking of going out for an outdoor coffee tomorrow incase its the last time for a while. Tonight its wine and crime……

This was fun using a photo.
View from the doorstep earlier. Its dark now.

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