Now it’s November in Pisticci…..Saturday again….

What a nice relaxing day now that I have stopped wondering what will happen with the election in USA.  Though it would be nice if there was a    conclusion. However the way things are going that could be next week.

I managed by accident to find a missing document related to my house this morning which wasn’t really missing …just not where I thought it would be. That was satisfactory. 

I have now found a way of keeping my glasses from steaming up while wearing a mask by wearing them half way down my nose. As long as the mask is mostly underneath them it works. It was strange that not wearing glasses also caused me to be slightly deaf and a bit stupid too. I think it might have been a little more scary than I thought. Now I think I look sort of professorish as I peer downwards. It was nice to see what was going on around me clearly.

The sky was blue . It was warm enough not to need a jacket and I strolled up town greeting people here and there. Everybody is wearing masks now so it is almost feeling normal. I got to the Farmacia and could see that there were people waiting. So I asked in Italian who was the last and then kept my eye on the last person. It made me feel quite happy that I know how to do that now. Not just say the words , but know that is how an Italian queue works. It ‘s simple when you know how.

After the farmacia I strolled round to the only bar with lots of tables outside. It was very pleasant just sitting there by myself . Going out for a coffee on a Saturday is the nearest thing to a treat I have since going on buses got a little iffy. Now its not recommended unless its neccessary.

I walked back down the corsa and forgot to check out the delicatessen for good wine. Monday will do.

I was thinking that I felt quite satisfied to be out on my own , but with people around. I am not sure that I want to be any closer than that to people right now. It’s less complicated.

I made an effort to finish off a tablet painting when I saw there was a similar light this afternoon, but by the time I was organised it had gone.

Maybe I will get back to painting on Monday. I need a small plan.

The best small plans pop into my head when I’m not trying think of them.

Now it’s wine time . The stove is on again. I might light a candle. Maybe I should open a bag of olives ………

Coffee for one…
On the way up town.
Lots of colourful washing.

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