New Year in Pisticci….goodbye 2020

At midnight on 31st December 2020 I was standing on a chair in the middle of my street wearing a “twosie” ( thick navy blue and white striped pyjamas with a hood) and clutching a mug full of hot wine in one hand and my phone in the other. I could see fireworks in several directions and I would have jumped up and down and cheered….but I am a bit shy….and I might have fallen off the chair. However I achieved my purpose which was to be there to end this year. I was awake at the beginning. I have written about the whole year and I wanted to finish it in style. Perhaps the pyjamas were not the best fashion choice, but at least I didn’t just let it slip away.

I wasn’t expecting fireworks. I had thought that they were not allowed. Also there was a 10pm curfew. (I assume standing outside my door was allowed. ) But this year they were all around. I love fireworks for their total extravagance. The sheer joy and exuberance of sparkling exploding colours there for a moment and then gone. And then more. I came to love fireworks in Pisticci. They are like the cork popping on a bottle of champagne.

As someone who used to think that they were a waste of money….. I have so been converted.

I am not sure how I feel about this new “brexit” year with a virus spreading all over the world. Even with a vaccine in the future the next few months could be fairly stressful.

However I really finished the old one in style….and endings are important too.

Wine time again….. today I watched another episode of Inspector deLuca, started a new painting, went for a walk and wrote a few words about yesterday.

Have resolved to move on, kindly and with purpose.

I wonder how 🤔 that will go?


Midnight 31st December 2020
New life/flowers seen on my brief walk
The beginning of my next small painting… will get better…


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