2021 in Pisticci…….pleased with myself..

Today I worked for several hours on a small landscape looking out over the valley to the mountains. It was a bit fiddly .I feel that I need to roughly paint in all the “layers” of mountains, hills and valleys or it won’t be convincing. I had drawn one range of hills twice which confused me quite a lot. But eventually I finished it and was pleased with it. I think it looks enough like I am looking down and over the valley which is something I would never have attempted a few years ago.

I have painted 2 smallish paintings since New Year and I had a vague idea where I would hang them.

I like having paintings to mark events and these 2 are my end of 2020 works. The one with mug is fairly representative of this year as I did a lot of sitting outside drinking coffee and I have photographed and painted the view from the pink brick road many times.

However, I am feeling most pleased with myself as I have painted fake dark brown frames for both of them on the wall above the stove. And I think they look great. I get a great deal of pleasure combining real objects with painted ones.

I sometimes wonder what it says about my personality.

It has been rainy and windy today and my phone says I have achieved 233 steps today. (Only about 5700 less than I should)

But I am warm and happy and feeling successful.

Cheers. 🍷

It was a tad complicated!!!!
Now hanging in its fake frame…….
Outside tonight……

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