2021 in Pisticci……curious?

Am sitting here tonight listening to the Christmas music being blasted out from the church. I like the feeling of belonging it gives me , knowing that in a small way I am joining in.

It’s been a long day and I think I am a little anxious about some of the things I want to get done.

However just when I needed it I got some encouragement.

I was sitting about in my odd assortment of clothes …..as nobody would see me….when someone came to my door. 😯

15 minutes later I had sold one of my big paintings which I did during the first lockdown.

It was very satisfying to sell something I had painted because I wanted to. Not just because I thought it was “sellable”.

This afternoon I found some more episodes of Sky Portrait Artist of the Year on YouTube. I always enjoy watching that.

And after a cheering and invigorating conversation with my sister I think I am ready to get on with life.

Tomorrow is orange …..then 2 more red days and hopefully we will be back to yellow after that. What a peculiarly current sentence that is. At this time last year I was in Scotland preparing to travel back to Italy and get my little artists house ready to rent, paint several masterpieces and edit a book. I had never heard of corona virus.

🍷 time.

Have filled the gap left by my big landscape. I might miss it……
Dark again………..

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