2021 in Pisticci ……waiting and waiting…..

And still waiting….except now am not expecting anything to happen.

I got up early at 6.30am this morning as the electric men who were coming to change the meter had written on the note that they would be there between 8.30 am and 11am.

Obviously I had to dust the meter….and if I hadn’t prepared then they surely would have arrived at 8am.

It is now nearly 5pm . I hate waiting.

Anyways at least I have more gas so I can keep the gas heater on at medium until a stoveman arrives. A kind friend delivered gas and wine.

It has been a cold damp day outside and there is water running down the inside of my window. (Gas heater causes condensation) Not a problem with my pellet stove.

I’ve drawn up roughly 2 of my next series of 4 local paintings , but not done much else all day.

I am trying to think of something interesting to cook tonight…..though the chances of me actually following through and cooking it are minimal.

I think I might go to the supermarket tomorrow morning……just for the exercise. I think we are” orange “this weekend. I can’t remember all the rules but Supermarkets are always open.

Now it’s early 🍷 time. I wonder what I can do to make Saturday special. …..

Stopped waiting……
Going to be a night scene…..I hope
In the piazza

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