2021 in Pisticci…….foggy Sunday….

It has been horrible outside all day as was forecast…..but inside it has been warm because my pellet stove worked today. There seems no reason why it should have worked this time ,but not the other 7 times I tried to light it. I only tried it to prove that it wasn’t working. It feels a bit like when you go to the doctor with a sore head which you have had for a week….and when you are in the doctor’s surgery you realise it has gone.

I will be trying it again tomorrow before I cancel the stoveman.

But on a day like today it has been lovely. 🔥

I drew the next 2 local scenes which I plan to paint this week.

And I downloaded some more books on to my kindle.

Then I read some of the book I bought about Basilicata and I think I will enjoy it. There is enough information but not so much that it is boring. Already I have learned things about Potenza and Pietrapertosa . While I am stuck at home it feels good to be taken to other places.

I am also still enjoying the Positano Diaries. I think it is so well filmed ,but casual ,that I feel almost as If I am there. Today I watched a summer episode and on a day like today it was just what I needed.

Tomorrow I might be helping to paint a mural if the weather is ok. I am beginning to feel that I should take a bit more care of myself and that includes being among people as far as is possible in the circumstances.

I hate feeling that I am just passing the time until…..whatever. I like to try and make every day count as far as I can because who knows what the future holds. I didn’t realise how much other people were in my life before this time.

Now it’s 🍷 time again. I plan to go out whatever the weather tomorrow and if the electric meter men want me then they can phone. I will write my phone number on their notice which is still stuck on my door.

Been like this all day outside…
And like this inside..😀🔥

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