2021 in Pisticci…..busy day….

The weather was better today. Merely cold . I got up and tried lighting the stove ,but today for no obvious reason it wouldn’t light. I tried it twice. So am back with the gas heater.

I have found the receipt from the shop where it was bought, but am not sure if they do repairs or only retail. So I have contacted the stoveman again.

Tomorrow I will consider what to do next.

I’m still living in the past for a couple of hours in the mornings as I edit or add large chunks to what I have already written in my 2020 diary.

It was time to go get another prescription and I had a plan. I would go later to the doctor’s surgery and maybe most people would have seen her by then.

Doh!! Must have been at least 5 people waiting. Will try again tomorrow.

Headed off to deliver some documents which only took moments and I spotted one of my paintings which was used by the comune, on a poster. It’s always a thrill to see my work in surprising places.

I considered going shopping but I don’t need anything so came home. Today I didn’t even bother wearing my glasses. I had my hat on and looked enough like DarthVader without the steamed up dark glasses.

After lunch I cleaned out the fridge. It was full of half empty jars of things like mustard which friends had given me when they were leaving. I don’t like mustard. Maybe I thought if I left it in the fridge long enough I would change my mind. There was a jar of green things resembling slugs, some sort of mixed gunge, marge which had turned hard and orange, little floating green pebble like things, whole dark red peppers in some kind of brown liquid, and some dried out mixed wotsit with a nice greeny blue fuzz.

They are all in the recycling bins now and the fridge only has eatable and drinkable stuff in it now. It is also cleaner.

I even brushed the floor and rugs today before I finally stopped procrastinating and gave my next paintings a coloured wash. I had meant to begin one properly today.

Now I have a sketch to do for Wednesday …..

It’s a nice life here on days like this. Even during a pandemic.

🍷 time. ( and I have some new wine from a friend. It’s 14% so better remember to drink less.🤔

I just like taking photos of my gallery….but it’s soooo cold .
All ready to begin.

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