2021 in Pisticci…..waiting at the doctor’s……

I decided that I may as well write my blog while waiting at the doctor’s. As there are 7 people in front of me I could be some considerable time. ( 6 now)

It has been another busy day as I started a sketch for the mural I am involved in around 8am and after a phone call from the person organising it I worked at speed so that it was presentable as a quick sketch( with colour) for 11am.

I was to take it uptown and then I had no idea what was to happen. ( that’s why my life feels exciting…..I often have no idea what is going to happen.)

This time what happened was a group of us artists all went off to the wall where the mural was to be painted. Today it had been painted white in preparation. There was an interview with a local man . I will not be watching it as I was not expecting to be asked anything so my part involved my looking horrified and when asked what I would be doing , answering ” I don’t know”. Which is true .

I was glad to leave after a suitable time as it was very cold.

It was not a lot warmer in my house. The pellet stove is better at warming my house than the gas heater. After lunch when I went for a small horizontal read on my bed under a fur rug I was just thinking about the contrast between summer and winter here. ( I had the electric blanket on as well.)

As I had the afternoon free I thought I’d start the first of my 4 local paintings. I was listening to another audio book and I actually finished the painting. And then had time to put it on facebook before I left to come to the doctor’s.

(4 in front now.)

I might go and get my prescription tonight as I am already out. Am not sure.

It will not be wine time for a while…….

I am only here to collect a prescription. It should take about 2 minutes.

2 now…………

Christmas in Pisticci.
Artists and my quick sketch……I am the one hiding at the back.

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