2021 in Pisticci  ……singing and painting in the rain.

What a funny morning it was. I hadn’t  expected rain…and was all prepared to paint the figure of San  Rocco. My bag was packed and I was organised as possible.

At 9.30am it was raining….not very much but mural painting was postponed until 10am. When I arrived it was damp and the sky looked heavy and dark. However I got started. 10 minutes later it started raining again.

I assumed that would be us finished for the day.

But no. Not these intrepid  artists. Within ten minutes we were all  wearing colourful plastic waterproof capes and looking like teletubbies.. There was a lot of hilarity and not a little singing in the rain. We lasted till the paint started to run down the wall an hour or 2 later.

I felt about 40 years younger for a large part of the morning.

After lunch I had arranged to meet someone for business so I didn’t get back until around 4pm when thankfully it was windy but dry.

It was necessary to repair some of the morning’s work but not all of it and despite not being able to see so well….I really need to do something about my glasses  steaming up…..I got most of the figure done. And it is now varnished so should be safe. I need to fix a few things  but it’s  looking good.

The whole mural should start to come together next week when the countryside and some of the town is added. I am looking forward to a more relaxed bit of group painting.

What a great day! Nothing earth shattering happened ….just fun with friends ….which in these days is an utter joy and a rare treat.

Saturday wine Time. Am tired and my legs ache a bit…( all that balancing on a ladder) but I have had a ball today..💃


It was dark when I left tonight
I am the scary person at the back…..😯

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