2021 in Pisticci….made a mask and a door into a window…..

And it was so very windy outside . I kept looking to see what was happening. The tree at the end of the road looked as if it was resisting  being tugged out of the ground and its long shaggy leaves shook like mop heads. Am doing my best to describe how it was as I made a short video where you can not only see the tree ,but papers and other objects flying up the street. It was loud. ( but having no success  sending the video…. must be minimal WiFi day.)

It was the perfect day to be inside with the stove burning cheerfully in the corner. It lit first  time this morning and I hope that will be it okay now  for the future.  There is a different ambience in here when the stove is lit. The gas heater is not the same. Even the stoveman said so. I am always happy when I can communicate feeling things like that.. If I spoke better Italian my life would be different…..but not necessarily better.

I went to the supermarket early to buy eggs and made myself facon and eggs for breakfast. What luxury!

Having walked back with my glasses in my pocket again I thought I would try making myself a different style of mask so I copied one someone gave me. I don’t think it works….. but I will try it tomorrow.

Most of today I have either read or watched ” the Positano diaries” on youtube. I won’t need to go there now as it feels as if I have already been there , gone for lots of walks and got to know people. Being physically stuck here it is the next best thing to travel. Positano is actually about 3 hours from Pisticci.

And finally as I was a little bored, though warm, and had already cleaned all my equipment for possible mural painting again tomorrow, I decided to turn my table around. That in effect blocks the door and makes it a window. I think it looks nice and makes the room look bigger. In the spring I can turn it round again so that I can use the door.

And now it’s wine time again. I have enjoyed my leisurely warm day.

Cheers 🍷🍷🔥

Looking cosy….
My mask collection.

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