2021 in Pisticci…. tired and happy….

It is so nice to be happily tired. After a day which started around 6.30am.

To begin with the stove didn’t light the first time and my little cat is being bullied by a big hairy nasty cat. The poor little thing was sitting outside under a chair afraid to come out. I chased the other cat away but it hissed at me and came back immediately I went inside. Then when my little cat came inside I tried to shut the door with a curtain pole to keep the bully cat outside…..and that scared the little cat ,so it ran away.

However things got better after that. The stove started second time. I made facon and eggs for breakfast and then I edited my book for nearly an hour before it was time to go muraling. ( I liked sitting at the table facing out the window…feels good.)

It wasn’t raining so painting went well and by lunch time I had finished San Rocco and varnished him. In the meantime the rest of the painters have been working on countryside and local plants. The whole wall is now really coming together.

In the afternoon I started work on the church and houses along the top of the arches. That meant I was up my ladder again. We stopped around 5.30pm when It was dark. The plan is to be back at 9.30 tomorrow morning.

The mask I made actually works so my glasses don’t steam up when I am walking….unfortunately it is not so good when trying to paint.. But I was able to walk home and see where I was going tonight which was a treat.

So now I am sitting enjoying the stove, a glass of wine and wondering what is the easiest thing to make to eat.


One exhausted but happy artist.
Have painted the church ……..
On the way home……

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