2021 in Pisticci….6223 steps….

That is the first time I have ever gone over the number of steps that my phone thinks I should do. I got a message from it yesterday suggesting I look at an exercise plan. Huh!!!

The reason I did so many steps today was because it was cold and windy.

I set off hopefully to the mural site this morning and was almost there when I got a message to say we would begin an hour later as it was too cold.

I came back and went to bed for half an hour. Then I set off again. My bag of art supplies is quite heavy. Just saying….

This time we started ….lasted 20 minutes…I painted a tree….and then decided it was just too cold and windy. But at least we had tried.

Next effort was at 3.30 and I should have known better. It was even more windy. The paint would have blown off the palette. But we turned up . So tomorrow I will be painting little birds as well as trees and then maybe finishing off the street I started. I am sorry we couldn’t work today. I am enjoying it .

However a friend phoned and asked what was the story with San Rocco . I didn’t really know anything about him . So I googled him and now I see the relevance of painting San Rocco at this time. He is the one you pray to for protection from the plague.

On an unrelated subject…maybe….. it is possible that Basilicata might become a white zone. I thought yellow was as good as it gets.

I showed James’s portrait his books today. (A friend got them printed and sent them to me.) It just felt right. He would have been pleased to have been in print before me. I thought he would like to know. Symbolic stuff like that helps .

Now I am cosy ,with wine and stove. I hope it’s better weather tomorrow as I am loving having something to go out to. And most of all, the good company.


I painted the tree that looks like it is growing out of my head. ( it was freezing!)
One tree and started the next one. No way was I going up a ladder to paint the rest of the houses.

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