2021 in Pisticci….wearing a mask while painting a mural…..

Wearing a mask while painting a mural in the rain, in gale force winds and when its so cold you can’t feel your fingers. We are a truly dedicated bunch of artists.

I am happy to wear a mask to protect other people and myself. It makes me feel that I am making a positive contribution to this pandemic. In Pisticci everyone is wearing one all the time they are out and in shops….so it’s normal.

But….I have had problems with my glasses steaming up constantly. ( the mask I made at the weekend actually works with wearing glasses only when I am walking .)

However it is made of quite stiff material and constantly looking up and down when I am painting means it slips up and almost covers my eyes then it sticks out so I can’t look down very well. So I have to change to another one when I paint which is made of a softer material…..but makes my glasses steam up.

I have completely given up on wearing glasses while painting this mural.

On the plus side because it has been so cold the mask does keep my face warm.

As I am wearing 2 polo- neck jumpers and a scarf thingy then my hat is constantly being pushed up at the back and comes down to just over my eyes and meets my mask coming up.

My hat not surprisingly has paint on it and so does yesterday’s mask.

Despite all this the mural is coming along very well. Everybody’s contribution is now blending together and it is becoming a bit of a Pisticcese masterpiece. It is , thanks to Teresa , who has organised the whole thing as well as being in charge of the design and painting her share , going to be something very special and poignant at this time. It is not just a mural, but a symbol of faith and hope for the future.

Today I painted birds and buildings and tomorrow I have more buildings and a cat to paint. I am loving every minute of it.

And just as a bonus there was a lovely sunset on my way home.


Wearing my new homemade mask which is ok with my glasses.
Coming along very nicely.
Sunset over Dirupo


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