2021 in Pisticci….today I painted a cat…..

It was the most fun thing to paint today. The rest of the time I was up a ladder painting and repainting houses until finally they were in the right place, the right size and finished to my satisfaction.

So sitting down to paint the cat was a treat. It looks like a cat but not so much like the actual one. The real cat is enormous and spends a lot of time in the art shop curled up beside the heater. It’s lovely.

I am not quite finished with it yet. It needs whiskers and a slight adjustment to the body. But I think it has character. And, I have no idea of the relevance it has to the mural.

Luckily there was no wind today so going up the ladder was possible.

Now I am home and tired. I will miss the work and the company next week.

We might be in a white zone then. That appears to mean life would be normal but with masks.

I might watch another episode of Grand Designs from New Zealand now.


Cheers. 🍷🍷

I can see what I need to fix …but it’s definitely got personality.
Tonight on the way home.

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