2021 in Pisticci…tired…..

Thanks to drinking a coffee I was offered yesterday around 4pm I didn’t sleep very well.

Trying to tell myself that trudging up and down town carrying a heavy bag twice a day is a way of getting fit….is not entirely convincing. Or that going up and down a ladder for several hours is like doing step ups. Not sure!

This morning my task was to paint a falcon. That seemed like a nice plan , but being left handed and the pavement sloping , preventing me using my ladder, meant I had to stand on a on step stool thing and look up.

However apart from a stiff neck it went well. .

After the usual 2 hour lunch break it was unfortunate that the wind started to rise again. My task for the afternoon was to paint the calanche. It was not a success. It looked like a hole in the wall. It was quite convincing , but way too dark and stood out far too much.

The last hour was a bit of a nightmare.Trying to adjust colours and prevent my marge tub lid palettes from blowing up and landing paint side down. My waterbottle blew away. I needed to fix several things all at the same time and my Italian escaped me almost completely . Everybody was tired. Wind is worse than cold. I was glad to finish.

I took a photo of the whole mural and have , using my painting app adjusted the colours so that it works better. I am quite impressed.

So tomorrow….I am hoping for a lovely day with no wind, no rain, no freezing temperatures and maybe , just maybe we will get finished.

Wine time . Hurray!!!!


Bird painting is new to me
On the way home ……

One comment

  1. can’t imagine why bird painting is odd to you , I know how much you LOVE birds and want them all around you. (smile) Your falcone is lovely the whole scene with him and the flowers. love it

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