2021 in Pisticci….I didn’t know it was a holiday…..

So after a long day full of bits and pieces I decided that I would go and do enough shopping to keep me going until Saturday , but not so much that I arrive home exhausted and wishing that I could just exist on pot noodles and crisps.

I marched off jauntily (not sure that’s a word) but my legs felt let loose instead of trudging. It was a good feeling. I touched James’s painted flower on the wall as I passed. So far the new owner hasn’t painted over it , but it will have served its purpose when she does.

Today the sea was very blue and I tried to take some photos over the tiled roofs. As usual reality was better.

There were a few people about and the nearest restaurant looked like it was only just closing.

I marched on down the hill thinking that it was wonderful to feel fit. Even my mask wasn’t bothering me.

It was a very big surprise then to see all the shutters down at the supermarket.

I came back by another street in case anyone saw me and thought I was an idiot .

Still ,I did do about 2000 steps .Only 4000 short of my target.

To console myself I sat on the doorstep reading my David Hockney book and with a glass of water into which I had dropped some mint leaves. It felt good.

I started the day by inserting 48 photos into my diary thing. 4 per chapter. It is possible that I hardly breathed from beginning to end .I was so worried about pressing the wrong button and everything disappearing.

I expected it to take hours and be really complicated and difficult. It took 20 minutes and was extremely straightforward. I want to write a title for each photo next, but I was so relieved to have the photos in place that I decided to do that tomorrow.

After breakfast on the doorstep it was a very slow start, but I eventually stapled the canvas on to my new stretchers.

Since then I’ve drawn the figures for the next 2 portraits so that I can begin tomorrow.

Oh, and I stuffed 2 cushion covers with old clothes instead of buying new cushions. Was quite pleased with myself. That is a result of lockdown. And a nod to climate change and not using more resources. ( also I wanted them done now.)

Still feeling a little off colour.

However it’s wine time and I mostly achieved what I set out to do today.

Cheers 🍷🍷

The sea is the thin blue line on the horizon.
On the way to the supermarket.
Reading on the doorstep.

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