2021 in Pisticci…..still not back to normal.

After another night of scary dreams and having to sleep with the light on I was relieved to hear that it could take 2 weeks to feel absolutely normal again after the vaccine .

I am not taking paracetamols as in the first few days ,but am still more tired than normal.

Either that or I am a lazy hypochondriac. Either is possible.

After yesterday’s success adding photos to my diary I was completely stuck trying to add titles to each photo this morning.

Maybe after a disturbed night and trying to dye my hair as well , it may have been that my concentration was impaired.

It wasn’t really . It is just complicated and I kept making photos disappear and then bringing them back. I have now made the first 4 smaller and they seem to fit better. There is no doubt a better way to have done it. But there is always tomorrow

After that it was time to start portrait painting. ( once I got over seeing the big lizard on my wall.)

Instead I found myself painting the floor. That , with breaks , took till lunch time. It looks better…..maybe not good, but I am satisfied with better.

Eventually I began the portrait and discovered the photo was not very good. I usually check ,but obviously I hadn’t looked too closely. I like to be helpful and so sometimes I just say yes and do my best. However it is looking respectable so far.

I was so pleased in fact with how the portrait was going that I thought I would just trot down to the supermarket. It was almost all heavy stuff today , but felt okay with it.

As it’s my birthday on Monday I am planning a special weekend. Most of my ideas were thought of at 3am this morning and don’t involve other people or going anywhere, but I did buy a 12 part Italian detective series set in the late 1940s for £12. I am also thinking of buying myself a bunch of flowers and then painting them . Then there is the chance of selling it and recouping my money. . I also have a plan for making a summer sketchbook using prints as well as original drawings. I have lots of empty sketchbooks and have already chosen one. My biggest birthday gift to myself is to have my diary with photos finished and plan to edit the prologue on Monday. All that should keep me occupied. .

Tonight I am going out for wine with a friend. I am thinking of wearing tartan dungarees and a denim jacket. As I thought this may as well be a birthday night out and it seemed important to make an effort.


All ready………
Very pleased with floor.

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