2021 in Pisticci…..here and there…..

A second family member now has covid. And I was hoping that it was all nearly over…..

That would be ” there”. Nothing I can do but keep in touch…..

Meanwhile ” here” life goes on as normal as it ever is.

This morning I was found on the doorstep as usual with a coffee and a resolve to not let that darn plant get the better of me. This time I tried to draw it on my tablet in among other plants. I think it is maybe a little better , but am still not pleased with it. However as a group of flowers it looks okay

It looked like it might be hot later on so I thought I’d get the shopping done early. And tick off ” exercise done” for today.

My 3 new canvases were waiting for me when I got back and I knew I wanted to paint the peace lily I was given as a birthday present. My fake tiles would make a nice background.

Did I mention that someone thought my my fake painted cooker actually was vintage? I was very pleased about that.

Anyways , back to fake tiles. Along with the lace and potted plant the corner looked a little victorian. ( my stove has now become an occasional table for the summer. )

I started with a rough sketch using a pastel pencil. ( Which then made everything a bit blue. Not doing that again.) After that I painted the tiles, the vase and the lace before finally painting the plant. I think it’s very successful.

And I enjoyed doing it.

It was fun to stick a small photo of it in my summer diary which is looking good.

Am glad it’s Friday. It’s been quite a week.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Very happy with this.
Medium happy with this
Liking this a lot.

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