2021 in Pisticci…..thunderstorms and rain….

It’s stopped now, but the sky is still overcast. I am going out to meet a friend in the piazza and it won’t be the same if we need to sit inside. Last week it was just perfect . Lovely blue sky, hot but not too hot and lots of people about. Still, there should be plenty of these evenings to come and Sunday is forecast to be well above 30C.

I think maybe I count as the beginning of summer the day when I first wear sandals. So it’s not summer yet.

This morning as well as dyeing my hair I had another try at drawing the peculiar plant outside. If I had been full of energy and enthusiasm I might have started over. But I wasn’t. So I just added things.

I like it a little bit more. Maybe I will do it again tomorrow. I can’t be beaten by a plant.

My 3 stretchers are all covered with canvas and I have finally discovered how to do corners neatly. They look almost professional.

Painting them yellow seemed like a good idea and now they are waiting for me to paint a masterpiece ….or failing that something interesting.

I have finished the David Hockney book . Maybe later I will see if I have anything arty that I could re read. There are a lot of books I only flicked through ……but it will be difficult to find something as interesting and inspiring.

Now I need to get organised to go out. It will be good for me to get some exercise. Really it will. I am such a lazy slob when it comes to exercise.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Very proud of my new canvases.
Still not happy with this.

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