2021 in Pisticci….Will I see the little fox tonight?

I’ve taken to sitting on my doorstep in the evening before I go to bed as a sort of ritual. And twice now the little fox has passed by. Last night it paused briefly in front of me as if waiting to see if I had any food for it and then trotted off up the street. If it’s the same one as last year then people around here feed it and gave given it a name. Nice!

It was good to not rush out of bed this morning as it is Sunday.

But by 7am I was up and about. After breakfast I did the washing while reading the news on twitter and listening to the science programme on radio 5. And apart from the washing machine nearly jumping out of the fireplace it was a pleasant way to spent half an hour.

And then I have mostly painted all day.

It was my second day on the colourful painting of my room . It went well and I am pleased with it. I am impressed with myself for having the confidence to give it a go in the first place. It was pretty complicated, but it has turned out close to how I imagined it. That doesn’t often happen. It is a treat to paint something just for myself.

The time flew past and it was later than usual when I finally finished.

It’s a good feeling to have completed something.

So now wine time feels even better.

Cheers 🍷🍷

I am finally painting with really vivid colours.
My summer diary
The little fox last night.

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