2021 in Pisticci…..start of summer…..

I know this because today I am wearing sandals. ( And I have orange feet!)

When I got up this morning my intention was to go to the comune with a document relating to my 5 year water bill.

I begun the morning with strong coffee as usual and then decided I would draw on my tablet outside , but I would take my little black chair outside so I could be comfortable . After unsuccessfully trying to get it out one door I got it out the other one. It did make a difference. I think I spent about an hour and a half sketching.

I had already decided what view I wanted to paint today as I ended up last night having worrying dreams about what I should paint next. Only got back to sleep when I had chosen something

After breakfast I was going to go to the comune, but first I decided to make a new 60×40 canvas as it would suit my next painting better than the 40×50 I had available .

By the time I had finished that , including twice cutting something the wrong way I had decided that it was too hot to go out wearing socks and trainers . Therefore I needed to apply some fake tan to my long white feet. In which case it would be better to go to the comune tomorrow.

I am a little in awe of my unconscious which is as cunning as a box of monkeys.

Hence, I have orange feet.

I also sorted out all my shorts and light trousers.

After lunch I went to the supermarket for my daily exercise and dose of social life.

Now my next painting is begun. It’ll be interesting to see how it compares with my tablet sketch as it will be based on it

It has been hot today and it looks like a 3d member of my family has the virus.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Tablet sketch
Two pages of diary today as got glue on the other page and was worried it would stick. Am really enjoying doing this.

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