2021 in Pisticci….fact or fantasy…..

Last night I saw someone had posted on Facebook, the video I was in advertising Pisticci. There seems to be a bit of a discussion going on as to whether there is any reality in it.

It was a made up story featuring me as an artist going round the area stopping to paint everything which made me late for the bread shop . But luckily the nice owner opened up for me and I scootered off into the sunset. It’s narrated by me.( I had a script and I did my best.) It was filmed over one whole long day and it was one of the best days ever.

There isn’t really a discussion to be had. Of course it’s fantasy. When people go on holiday they want something special and pretty and magical. And we need tourists here. There is not enough work available for young people so they have to leave.

It was supposed to be from my perspective and because I am a foreigner I see Pisticci differently. I appreciate the friendliness and warmth of the people which I think locals take for granted. I think most people here would agree that it is very pretty. But there is something special here. When I rented out my little artists house the guests , without exception told me that Pisticci was unique . Even Italian guests said this.

I believed every word I said in the video. But then I often think I live in a fantasy world. Who knows…….

I was out sketching on my tablet at 6am this morning . Today I drew my painted chairs because of the one strawberry which looked so pretty against the pink painted pot. ( I have eaten it now. )

I was waiting for the bin men and greeted them cheerfully as they took away 3 weeks of ” indifferent ” rubbish. Hurray!!

The remainder of the day I’ve spent painting oleanders against a bright blue sky. I did a very quick sketch on my tablet yesterday and thought it might be very decorative. It might be.

I might go to the comune tomorrow ( ha ha.. we will see.) Am thinking that I should go buy some more wood for stretchers and I could pop in on the way.

But now it’s wine time after another busy days painting.


Not quite finished.
Based on this sketch.
This is looking so good and is so little effort.

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