2021 in Pisticci…..painting and blaming boris johnson

With 3 of my family ill presumably with this delta virus variant of covid there seems no reason not to blame him.

Maybe it is different looking at the UK from outside. But I have thought about it and wonder if I was living there and had never been away and brexit hadn’t happened, which was the first time politics directly affected my life, then maybe I would not want to believe that things are so very bad and hope that despite everything the government knew what they were doing.

Living abroad, certainly in these days has opened my eyes to a wider world and I would consider it an honour to be a European.

But enough of that.

Today started really early with a success . The bin men finally emptied my organic bin after ignoring it for at least two weeks. It probably helped that I heard them coming and I had placed it right in the middle of the street and I said” Buon Giorno” very loudly and pointed at it. I have no idea why they have been leaving it.

I wasn’t really in a mood for drawing but, sat on the doorstep and put a couple of images on Redbubble

Then I spent the majority of the rest of the morning speaking on the phone. That was fun.

And this afternoon I mostly painted. Didn’t finish until after 5pm. So surprise….too late to go to the comune. Oh dear …have now decided that if I go this week that will do.

I’m pleased with today’s work. I may need to fix a few things but it is more or less done.

Glad it’s finally wine time.

Cheers 🍷🍷

It was interesting to base this on a tablet sketch.
My birthday flowers on a dress.

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