2021 in Pisticci…3 things I don’t  want to talk about.

So I’m  not going to.

However I  am going to mention that I seem to be expanding greatly ,thanks I assume to this heat. I can tell by looking at my feet.

All winter I have long skinny feet with the bones showing and now there is not a bone to be seen. It is happening all over.

Maybe it also has something to do with sitting all crouched up painting for most of the day. I do have an easel that moves up and down  , but it doesn’t seem to occur to me to adjust it accordingly. 

I am nearly finished my current painting.  Tomorrow I will likely fix a few things, but it looks how I planned it.

I have just read on twitter that masks are still to be worn outside until the end of July. Is there such a thing as summer mask? I am a bit disappointed as I was enjoying the thought of breathing normally. Suppose it will save on lipstick…..maybe if it stays as hot as this and I expand like a Michelin balloon then I won’t want to go out anyways.

To be perfectly honest it’s probably a good idea to keep on with the masks and maybe we will avoid the delta variant.

Wonder if it’s possible to have a mask with it’s own fan? I bet if I googled it there would be one. I remember at the beginning of the pandemic when older people, like me, might be at the end of the queue for ventilation, I googled ” make your own ventilator ” and found several examples using ” common household items.”.

One very nice thing to happen today was that my magnolia bush had flowers for the first time. They smell gorgeous and look beautiful.

It’s good to be alive , even with a mask and fat feet.

Cheers 🍷🍷🍷

I think it’s magnolia.

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