2021 in Pisticci…..can’t think of a title….

I’ve found through experience that I need to start writing from where I am. And I am a bit all over the place.

It’s windy outside, but not a particularly cool wind.

On my way home from delivering sketches and buying wine someone told me that my little artists house, which is now someone else’s little house is having a window added to it. ( a real one ,not a painted one. )

That makes it very finally not mine.

Probably getting up at 5am was not really necessary today , but I keep waking anyways.

By 9am I had been shopping and bought the first ice lollies of summer.

By lunch time I had finished another 2 illustrations and arranged to deliver them tonight.

After lunch I added a cross support to the big painting I had put on stretchers. Was very pleased to cut it exactly right the first time. 😀

That done I started my next painting and it is going okay so far.

Finding colour in Pisticci.

And then it was time to go uptown.

On the way back I went down back streets so I could not wear my mask. In this heat it is a bit oppressive. Only one more day to go and we will be mask free outside….at least for the summer.

On the way home……

Now , maybe I will look for a film to watch on YouTube. That sounds like a nice Saturday evening occupation. .


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