2021 in Pisticci….painting a seascape to give myself the illusion of a sea breeze…

If didn’t really work. To be fair though , my workroom is not as hot as my living room. The thermometer behind my chair says it is 30C right now. That is actually OK. The door is open and there is a slight breeze, but it must be one from Africa as it’s hot. When I used to have my scooter and there was a hot wind it was like riding into a hairdryer. It felt very strange.

However the other side of my house is much cooler so painting the sea most of the day was quite pleasant. Harry Bosch has now found a female partner who is as driven as himself and I listened as he nearly got more of his family killed because of his obsessive need to “solve the case”.

Think I need more practice with waves but it will do for today…..

I’ve now done the boring bits of the last 2 paintings , which was painting the edges

I must remember to sign them.

This morning I started another tablet drawing, but got hungry and decided to finish it later. I did finish it…but without much enthusiasm.

I wanted to paint the camellias. ( not magnolias)

Today was market day in Pisticci and I was pleased with myself for making an effort to look respectable.

After a long long period of not caring what I wore it’s nice to be interested again.

It was very, very hot even before 9am

33C in the shady side of the street.

But it was nice to stroll around the market. It’s good to see people wearing masks when it’s crowded and not the rest of the time.

Now I am glad to sit down with blues and wine. Have found a film channel on YouTube, mainly films from 1990s which is relatively entertaining for later.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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