2021in Pisticci….I don’t  want to go back to my old life….

And thinking about that kept me awake most of last night. Apart from not seeing my family I think my life is better than before the pandemic.

It’s  been like an education  in managing by myself this last year and a half. Finding out what is important to me and loving living in my funny little house without interruption. 

It’s  not that I haven’t  had any help , but it’s  only me who can deal with weeks and months of being alone.

Before the pandemic , I tried not to, but I  envied lots of people’s  lives. I accepted invitations out just to not spend another Saturday evening by myself. I felt like a failure being in on my own.

Now I know how to amuse myself at the weekends and need to be tempted to go out.

There are other things too…. but am too hot and tired to think about them right now.

It’s curious how being tired makes me feel hotter.

However I managed to paint a whole painting today. I thought it wasn’t going to work half way through, but it ended up satisfactory .

I painted a similar scene years ago.

It was very hot again today ,but I didn’t need to go out.

I’m loving my camelia. There are lots of flowers. I’ve pulled it out from among the other plants and put it right at my door so that I can enjoy it for however long it lasts.

Can sit on my doorstep and enjoy the scent.

Now am planning on enjoying a quiet evening and a good night’s sleep , a couple of glasses of wine and a 1990s film on youtube.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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