2021 in Pisticci…Hurray, Hurray,Hurray….

I am just back from getting my eyes tested. It was another thing I was putting off and only got scared into making an appointment a few weeks ago when I thought I had strained my eyes and everything looked blurred.

Since then I have been fine , but it was a relief to go today and everything seems okay. I need to get new reading glasses , but as I didn’t change them the last time then that’s not too bad.

It cost €60 to get a test , but I don’t mind that. ( If there are lots of spelling mistakes it’s because the drops the eye doctor put in my eyes so he could check something or other are still making my eyes blurry.)

I think I have been quite worried about my eyesight. It is reasonably necessary to be able to paint.

And so hopefully am okay for another while.

Now there is just the dentist……but no rush!

While I was waiting outside to let the drops do their work I got another possible commission and the delivery man screeched to a halt when he saw me and told me he had left my new roll of canvas at my door.

I love that about Pisticci ,along with the eye doctor explaining to the optician how I needed separate glasses to paint.

Even my “dicky “back is not stopping me smiling.

I managed to do a small painting despite my underlying anxiety about the eye test.

It was a scene that made a good photo , but I wasn’t sure it would translate to a painting. However I found another 2 canvas board off cuts and had a go.

With the photo

Now it’s wine time and I can relax , at least for now, before I find something else to try not to worry about.

Hurray! Cheers 🍷🍷

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