2021 in Pisticci…the long lovely day.

It began as usual about 5.30am. By 7am I was painting cacti ( figi di India) followed by sunflowers and finally the head of someone’s dog. (might need to repaint it tomorrow as its not very good. It needs to be bigger or smaller so that half its face isn’t in the gap between the spars.)

At 10.30 I was picked up by old friends who used to have a house nearby our house in the country. We spent a lot of happy evenings at each others ‘ houses, but now they live in another country .

What a treat it was to be taken out , to catch up , talk about old times and eat lovely food in a restaurant in Bernalda.

I was very pleased to actually need my green pass to get in as I haven’t been anywhere so far where it was necessary.

Afterwards we went for an ice cream and as there were no gelaterias open we went into a bar where they just happened to have white magnums.

I associate white magnums with a Sunday antiques Market in Taranto , when I had gone for a walk in the sunshine, bought a white magnum and while looking at the gorgeous old buildings in the centre thought that life could not get much better than this. I was living in the South of Italy. I was an artist and sold paintings at street markets. I had my own studio, a scooter and James .

It was a pretty perfect day out.

However I had agreed to go to a children’s art event in Pisticci at 5pm.

I got to be the official photographer and made a pretty good video. Pity the sound was turned off!!

As I had nearly run out of carrots I went by the supermarket on the way home.

Now it’s nearly 9pm and there is more bench painting tomorrow morning.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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