2021 in Pisticci…..a particular set of skills…

We are learning new skills every day in our bench painting project. It’s  a shame that when we have finished then probably we won’t  ever use them again.

For one thing, our team all have different attributes and skills and I think we mesh well together. Being interviewed is not one of my skills , but luckily is someone else’s.  I am learning how to paint animals with gaps in them. Someone else is the organiser and comes up with good ideas as well as being able to draw scenes together . Another gets on with all the background work even though she is a perfectly good artist. We seem to have fallen into different roles and it works.

We would need to get hired as a team.

However I am learning about painting animals, about simplifying, how to make every stroke count and how to make them the right size so that the main features are on the spars and not in the in-between.

Today I moved the dog’s eye up a bit so that the other eye was more visible.
The flying pigeon was quite complicated. Needs some more work. But it is much better than I thought I could do.

It was fun , and I did manage to avoid being interviewed. ( politely I hope.)

I seem to have found energy from somewhere and today aided by my new knee support thing, I moved the desk down from the attic and pushed the bookcases together so that there wasn’t  a gap. Then I moved the table into the gallery where it looks just fine and I might open it up. After that I moved the little old painting table into my workroom which gives me more space to work on and finally I varnished the top of the desk so I can use it as a work surface as well as a desk.

All the furniture  shifting was down to me wanting a proper desk space, because obviously then I would  work much better. ( we’ll see!)

This is my special desk that James gave me and I felt like a proper writer or artist sitting at it.

The old varnish I used, as it probably wouldn’t kill the weeds, smells a bit so I am sitting outside.

I was being very careful not to hurt myself and was doing well until the gas ran out. Moving a heavy gas cannister is quite tricky. But phoning a friend was not really an option as I was half way through cooking lunch. Hopefully I got away with it.

The cooler weather must be making a difference as I went off up town again tonight to pay my WIFI bill which arrived on the last day it was due to be paid. Obviously I bought more wine while I was in town as wine doesn’t go off.(And I don’t drink more just because it’s available, but I do feel good that if there is an emergency then at least I have some.)

I now have 2 commissions for Monday which depend on canvas boards arriving on Friday.

And tomorrow might be bench number 11 to paint. This project is much bigger than I imagined.

Is very nice sitting outside drinking wine and writing this. What a very busy day it’s been.


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